Agbonlahore reveals that Saint-Maximin played like a clown

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Allan Saint-Maximin is a player has a distinctive feature of speed. Newcastle United are a team that focuses on defensive and counter-attacking. Making Allan Saint-Maximin a standout. Also outstanding is Miguel Almiron is always ready to cause danger to the opposing side. In the latest match against Manchester United. It was Allan Saint-Maximin who Made 1 assist. But still couldn’t resist the hot attacking game of Manchester United. So it was disappointing to lose.

But it appears Gabriel Agbonlahor is still unhappy with Allan Saint-Maximin’s performance and has suggested a change of play style because it’s like a no-brainer by Gabriel. Jol Agbonlahor said :“ Steve Bruce is probably quite annoyed by the attacking players. Especially Allan Saint-Maximin tends to run to the opposite side before losing the ball. the opposite side regularly and it’s like a clown, there’s nothing wrong with it ufabet .”

“Plus Allan Saint-Maximin plays like he’s Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar. Personally I’m very annoyed because his job is to pass the ball to my team-mates to score goals. But Allan Saint-Maximin tends to act like an idiot before losing the ball to the opposing team and I’m sure Steve Bruce will warn Allan Saint-Maximin not to try. Do something that looks silly on the pitch and just use your speed to beat your opponent.”