Ranking the 25 best goalkeepers in the world at the moment

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  • A series that ranks the best players in the world today in each position.
  • Starting with the goalkeeper, a position that is often overlooked but is one of the most important players in the defense.
  • And here are the 25 goalkeepers who are said to be the best in the world at the moment.
Ranking the 25 best goalkeepers in the world at the moment

Choosing the best players in the world in each position I must say that it is very difficult to rank to the liking of many people, but of course this is the fun of football, sitting and talking about who is better than who.

And here is a list of 25 people who have been selected as the best goalkeepers at the moment from https://ufabet999.app. Who will they be? Let’s go see.

Ranking the 25 best goalkeepers in the world at the moment.

25. Anatoly Trubin

A 22-year-old Ukrainian goalkeeper who this year has been behind Benfica’s excellent performance, both in their bid for the league title and on their way to the UEFA Europa League as well.

24. Wojciech Szczesny

A 33-year-old Polish goalkeeper who is currently still the main player for Juventus, and with the team’s performance this year not looking good, he has the opportunity to show off some beautiful saves, helping the team on many occasions.

23. Michele di Gregorio

An Italian goalkeeper who has excellent results with Monza, he is a product of Inter Milan’s academy. There is news that the Big Snake is interested in bringing him back to replace Sommer this season, but AC Milan are also interested in him.

22. Georgi Mamardashvili

Georgian goalkeeper Until a year ago, hardly anyone knew his name. Even his work with Valencia that is considered excellent, including successfully leading the national team to play in the Euro 2024 finals, makes him another person to watch closely at this time.

21. Marco Carnesechi

Another goalkeeper from Serie A who has had outstanding performance with a club like Atalanta this season by taking the team to the final 8 rounds. We have to wait to see if he can handle it or not against a team like Liverpool. no

20. Brand Leno

A former Arsenal goalkeeper whose current performance is considered extraordinary in guarding the goal for Fulham, he still has to hope for a position in the national team that he will be good enough for. Is the Iron Eagle team in Euro 2024 in the middle of this year?

19. Jann Sommer

The veteran goalkeeper from Switzerland who has now moved to play with Inter Milan. Even though he is already 35 years old, he is still fit and in position for the Big Snake. He is close to leading the team to win the league championship. You can dominate this season.

18. Unai Simon

A Spanish goalkeeper who is currently performing well with Athletic Bilbao, his position as number one for the Bulls in Euro 2024 may help him shine until he moves to the giants. It can be big this summer.

17. Aaron Ramsdale

The England goalkeeper is currently having a difficult time with Arsenal because with little opportunity, his every appearance on the field often has errors, but deep down he still believes that if he gets the chance regularly His saving skills are also considered as excellent as anyone else’s.

16. Guillermo Vicario

Italian goalkeeper from the Tottenham Hotspur camp sent to enter the contest. He just moved to join the Golden Spurs team last summer but has been able to be a solid starter for the team. Fans are hoping for him to be named to the national team to compete in Euro 2024 in the middle of this year.

15. Jordan Pickford

A good-blooded goalkeeper from Everton, even though the agency’s performance doesn’t look very good. But my personal form is considered consistent. Guaranteed by firmly holding on to England’s number one team. If the manager is still Southgate, I believe it will be difficult for anyone to overtake this man.

14. David Raya

A Spanish goalkeeper who was born at Brentford before moving to prove himself with Arsenal this season, which initially received criticism for his mistakes. But after regaining his footing, he has shown excellent form to the point of playing an important role in leading Arsenal to compete for 2 main championships at present.

13. Nick Pope

Another goalkeeper from the England national team who has been a main player with Newcastle since last season. His skills can be said to be very strong, guaranteed by the fact that the Salika Dong’s performance clearly dropped after he was injured for a long time.

12. Lucas Hradecki

A Finnish goalkeeper who is in excellent form with Bayer Leverkusen with an unbeaten performance this season. Unfortunately, he will not be able to show his skills at Euro 2024 in the middle of this year because his national team will not play in the final round.

11. Diogo Costa

A Portuguese goalkeeper who is number one both in the national team and with a club like FC Porto. Even though the team stopped in the Champions League round of 16 after losing in a penalty shootout with Arsenal, in the league they have a chance. It’s good to win the championship from leading the pack at this time.

10. Manuel Neuer

A veteran goalkeeper from Germany who is the prototype of the modern goalkeeper with his style. “Sweeper Keeper” who is currently just recovering from a long injury and is afraid to come to guard Bayern Munich. We have to wait and see if his position as number one for the Eagles in the middle of this year will slip away or not. no

9. Gianluigi Donnarumma

An Italian goalkeeper who had excellent performance since he was a young star before becoming famous and being picked up by Paris Saint-Germain to join the team. Although at the club level he may not be the best, but on behalf of the national team, he was an important force in sending the Assuri army to win the Euro 2020 championship in the past.

8. Andre Onana

The Cameroonian goalkeeper, who after emerging with Ajax, moved to do excellent work with Inter until Manchester United grabbed him to join the team. At first he was hit hard by a simple mistake, but After regaining his composure, he made several saves to help the team until he regained his confidence again.

7. Amy Martinez

An Argentine goalkeeper who, after failing to make an impact at Arsenal, decided to move to Aston Villa, and that was the turning point that made him become a famous goalkeeper, even playing an important role in leading Messi to win the World Cup last year. 2022 ago

6. Jan Oblak

A Slovenian goalkeeper who was once considered one of the toughest goalkeepers around. Even though it’s quiet right now, their performance with Atletico Madrid is still considered consistent, including leading Slovenia to the final round of Euro 2024 as well.

5. Mike Mayong

A French goalkeeper who is currently doing great work with AC Milana, there are news that many big teams are interested. Of course, with the French national team, he is currently the number one player waiting to prove himself at the national level after senior Hugo Lloris retired.

4. Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

Germany’s national team goalkeeper who moved to Barcelona before developing his skills to become one of the top goalkeepers in the world today. which must come and see that Iron Eagle Army Will he be able to become the team’s number one in the long term?

3. Thibaut Courtois

The Belgian goalkeeper, who was previously praised as one of the most difficult to shoot past, was highly successful with Real Madrid, until he was seriously injured recently and had to rest for a long time. It is not known whether after returning he will still perform as well or not.

2. Ederson

Manchester City’s Brazilian goalkeeper whose save performance may not wow him much. But his highlight is his ability to play the ball with fluidity and ability to place the ball accurately and pass the ball well. And of course, that allows the Blues to set up a smooth offensive game from their own backyard.

1. Alisson Becker

Another Brazilian goalkeeper for Liverpool who has been a regular starter with the club. His performance in saving is so great that he is leading the Reds to fly high today. In addition, the form is still quite consistent, not spectacular, but there are no drops. However, on behalf of the national team, he still has to work hard with Ederson to continue playing as number one for the Samba team.