Germany 2-0 Hungary: Euro 2024: Hosts’ standards remain high, aiming for 4th European Championship title…?!?

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• There were some minor problems, but Germany finally got past Hungary 2-0.

This form, it’s tangible, there’s a chance for the 4th European Championship that is waiting.

And these are many things that can be seen from the first round game, the 2nd match of Euro 2024.

Event: Football Euro 2024 Group Stage, Group A, Match 2
Match date: Wednesday 19 June 2024
Stadium: MHP Arena, Stuttgart
Result: Germany 2-0 Hungary

Germany 2-0 Hungary: Euro 2024: Hosts' standards remain high, aiming for 4th European Championship title...?!?

Beer and Magyars

(Note) Magyar: The name given to the national group of Hungary in the past, which is used as the nickname of the Hungarian national football team today. In fact, the official nicknames include

1. Magyar. Yar,

2. Nemceti Tisenegy (National Eleven) and

3. Tricolour (Tricolor)

In fact, the history of these two neighboring countries (with Austria in between), Germany and Hungary, is as long as “world history” since the World War.

It’s no different from football history. which according to the record says This couple first met in 1909, or 115 years ago.

What’s interesting is that recently, Hungary has started to come back strong again. (Although not as sublime as in the era with Ferenc Puskas leading the procession) and they have not lost to Germany in the last 3 games they have met.

  • Jun 2021 (Euro 2020) Draw 2-2

    Jun 2022 (Nations League) Draw 1-1

    Sep 2022 (Nations League) Hungary Win 1-0

After defeating Scotland 5-1, many expected that Germany would not face such an easy task from Hungary.

Even though in the first game Hungary lost to Switzerland by quite a margin of 1-3.

Three-layer wall

Hungary threatened Germany in the first few seconds, with Joshua Kimmich’s expensive, sloppy pass allowing Barnabas Varga to pounce on goal.

Fortunately, Manuel Neuer was not asleep and rushed out to intercept the ball quickly and excellently.

But after that, when Germany got their bearings, it was a game that was not too unexpected.

Germany will face a three-tiered “white wall” that Italian coach Marco Rossi has installed for his Magyars team for this ยูฟ่าเบท game.

  • First level, the 3 attackers in the front line, chasing and pressing the ball.

    Second level, 4 midfielders line up in front of the back line.

    Third level, 3 center backs, setting up the last wall before reaching the goal.

However, the defensive play did not last long as Germany quickly scored again in the 22nd minute.


As it was said, Germany penetrated Hungary in just 22 minutes. Ilkay Gundogan followed to collect the ball and returned it to Jamaal Musiala, who was able to see the net easily.

However, what remains a questionable problem is the moment Gundogan approaches the ball, he appears to hit Willy Orbán from behind, causing Orbán to fall on his face.

When Musiala shot in There is a review from VAR to determine whether this goal was a foul or not.

It appeared that the conclusion was “no foul” and it was a 1-0 lead goal for the home team.

But is it really not a foul? There is no clear answer in this area.

And I’d like to throw a question to you instead: This door…

  • A.) It must be a foul. It definitely can’t be a goal

    . B.) It’s not a foul. It’s definitely a goal.

    C.) It’s the “host”.

Iron Eagle is scary

Two games in and what we can see from Julian Nagelsmann’s hosts, the Iron Eagles, is…

1) A tough, reliable goalkeeper with Manuel Neuer at the age of 38.

2) The back line, although there are still some leaks and mistakes, but this game has a clean sheet. The last game was almost a clean sheet, but lost from Antonio Rudiger ‘s deflected ball.

3) High-quality midfield: Toni Kroos is a deep-lying playmaker , Robert Andrich is aggressive, and Ilkay Gundogan is bursting with excitement as a second-line fill-in.

4) The offensive line is dazzling, especially Jamal Musiala (2 matches, 2 goals) and Florian Wiertz.

5) Julian Nagelsmann seems to have found the “right” place in his squad, both the starting eleven and the substitutes who will be used to change the game.

When 1+2+3+4+5 come together, it’s a two-game winning streak and Germany are guaranteed an early place in the last 16 of Euro 2024.

Which is interesting. A 4th European Championship is quite possible.