7 divine benefits of “Okra” that you may not know

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If you say that Japanese people like to eat okra very much. Will everyone believe it? Eat fresh and use it for cooking. Other menu items Size to Vietnam They also serve green okra to be grilled and eaten fresh, not just good taste. But because of the cool properties okra That makes everyone come to eat a lot In what ways will it be useful? Let’s see.

7 divine benefits of "Okra" that you may not know

Divine benefits of “Okra”

  1. Help reduce blood sugar. Suitable for patients with diabetes and people UFABET who are controlling sugar-weight.
  2. reduce constipation Because there is mucus that helps to soften the stool. and also contains fiber that is good for excretion
  3. reduce cholesterol in the body
  4. Reduce the risk of gastritis , gastric mucosa inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease
  5. Anyone who already has stomach disease Eating okra with clear, sticky mucus can help coat stomach ulcers as well.
  6. okra pod boiled with light salt Can cure acid reflux symptoms
  7. It is high in folate, which helps build red blood cells. And is essential to the development of the baby in the womb. Therefore, it is suitable for pregnant women.

How to eat okra

Can be cut into small pieces and can be eaten fresh or can be used to cook with other menus Bring it to grill with low fire. Or you can mix it with honey, lemon juice or ice cream.