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  • The Institution and Other Tales - DVD

    State inspector Lydia McLane is reviewing a sanitarium and suspects something's wrong when she discovers they keep Liz Tyler, Cleo Nichole, Cassandra Knight and Jenni Lee bound and gagged. Is it all a joke? Or have the inmates taken over the asylum? Talia Monet helps Jon Woods and Julie Simone with their entries for "The Ozymandias Awards." Jon video's Julie's intricate on-screen tie of the dark haired beauty but Ms. Simone is in trouble when he realizes she left the camcorder off for his entry. On the set of a no budget B-movie, Deja Chan becomes mentally unbalanced when the director tells her to come her character. That night, the Asian beauty terrorizes her co-star, Kelsie Chambers. Starring: Lydia McLane, Liz Tyler, Cleo Nichole, Cassandra Knight, Julie Simone, Talia Monet, Deja Chan, Kelsie Chambers.



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